Relaxed wedding in Ibiza, in BRIDES magazine.

16 of March, 2018

This week, BRIDES magazine feature one of YOLANCRIS’ stunning brides in their wedding of the day section. We wanted to give you a bit more details of this beautiful wedding.  Vittoria and Reto met through a mutual friend and their romance sparke...

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Identity, YOLANCRIS' new campaign

14 of March, 2018

IDENTITY [fem.] The circumstances of being a specific person or thing and not another. It is determined by a series of features or characteristics that differ from others. The fashion industry uses its own tools to turn anyth...

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Oscars' red carpet 2018. Tania Rincón in YolanCris

5 of March, 2018

Last night we could finally see the most awaited red carpet of the year, celebrating the 90th edition of the Oscar Awards.   The Mexican TV host Tania Rincón was at the event live from the Dolby Theater in LA. She is one of the most known ...

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Romantic vintage English castle inspiration by Knot and Pop

2 of March, 2018

Is there anything more classic and romantic than an English countryside castle wedding? Ok, this is called a manor but we are getting fairytale and royalty vibes from this gorgeous photoshoot made in Cornwall by Taylor and Porter! ...

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Destination wedding weekend in Catignano, Italy.

21 of February, 2018

We are huge fans of laid-back weddings with gorgeous destinations and stylish bride and groom! We are showing you Emily & Pete’s joyful day with images (captured by Will Patrick Weddings) that make us wish we had been there! Villa ...

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Mediterranean summer sunset wedding in Formentera

15 of February, 2018

When you think of a wedding in Spain, you may think of a romantic church wedding in the Plaza Mayor of an old town. You don’t often think of a Mediterranean wedding in Formentera-style! Formentera Island has become the place-to-be for celebrities...

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Bohemian glam wedding ideas by Pink Wasabi

7 of February, 2018

Wedding season is around the corner and with it thousands of preparations to make everything look perfect! Where can we find the inspiration we need?   This beautiful production from wedding plan...

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Goya Awards' red carpet. Bibiana bets on YolanCris Couture

5 of February, 2018

Last Saturday, the most glamorous red carpet of our cinema took place on the occasion of the 32nd edition of the Goya Awards.   Many celebrities did not want to miss the appointment. Among them, Bibiana Fernández, the iconic Spanish actress ...

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My Italian wedding. Nat & Nico

4 of January, 2018

A breath-taking rehearsal dinner and the most stunning grand finale, this wedding is one for the books. Well, that is quite expected in the stunning wilds of Italy, full of panoramic views and feting under the stars at the hands of Weddings in Tuscan...

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YolanCris Evening Wear SS18 is out!

21 of December, 2017

The upcoming YolanCris SS18 Couture Collection is inspired by the different identities of women. Each and every women has an identity that makes her unique, separates her from the herd.  ...

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