Analysis of YolanCris 2013 evening gowns and night dresses collection in special post on the blog of Mit me by Mayte de la Iglesia.

4 of January, 2013
Mayte de la Iglesia's blog  is a reference in national fashion. She has dedicated a special post where our new collection of evening gowns and night -cocktail dresses for 2013 is analyzed in greater detail. It is written from Paris by Jose Luis Maseda when he visited us in the Vendôme Luxury during Paris fashion week.
A very interesting post that you shouldn't miss. The recommendation proposes by Jose Luis Maseda is:
"However, if you really want to dress well, achieving a sophisticated look of contemporary tale princess the only thing you have to do is dress by YolanCris."
We sincerely appreciate his words. Go to this link and read the full post, it really worth it.
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