8 of January, 2013

1325 evening dress seduces Woman magazine in January 2013 issue

1325 evening dress seduces Woman magazine in January 2013 issue

Woman magazine has been inspired by the legendary James Bond movies for a special post of ideas, trends and fashion tips in its January 2013 issue. The 1325 evening gown by YolanCris is one of the options proposed by the magazine to get a look full of mystery and seduction.

The black lace in contrast to the sweetness of pink, is in terms of fabric and color, one of the most inspiring combinations, and also the most used throughout the history of fashion. Undoubtedly, both as Chantilly and lace, are most of the fetishes fabrics if we think of sensuality and desire, two concepts that we unconsciously associate with to the films of the Special Agent, 007.

Far from falling into the topic of "the sexy night dress",  the 1325 evening gown  is a sleek and sober design. The round neckline, very on trend this season, denotes style. The length to the foot, classy and the mix of transparency, suggests delicacy.

However, it is common knowledge that the personality of the woman who wears the dress gives the essence to the garment.

Which of these two options of style you prefer most?

Our sweet and romantic version for image campaign 2013, or the more feminine and flirty version that model Michelle Carvalho wore in our presentation of spring collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion.