Ibiza! video by YolanCris gets 1.000 views on Youtube. Inspirations to your dreams.

31 of January, 2013
Thank you all!

The inspirational video of the most bohemian and hippie chic wedding dresses by YolanCris,Ibiza! has 1,000 views on our YouTube channel: YolanCris YC.
If you like YolanCris wedding dresses, you will get surprise seeing them on movement. The lightness and quality of the fabrics used for this collection, get a fresh and casual style if you're after a very natural and hippie bridal look.
Bridal accessories such as scarves, shawls, belts, handbags all with a irresisitble boho-chic style, complete this collection of wedding dresses called Ibiza! by YolanCris. Sirens silhouettes, mix of fabrics, embroidered in pearl, these wedding dresses are perfect for beach weddings.
View Ibiza! wedding dresses collection by YolanCris.
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