6 of June, 2011

YolanCris presents the first promotional video for a bridal collection

Since some time ago YolanCris wanted to perform a promotional video which reflects the whole spirit of the brand.

Wrapped in nature, as nymphs awakening from a dream, from exquisite fabrics and volatile, ethereal with a vintage touch, silk, crochet, guipure, handmade crochet, chantilly lace, etc ... YolanCris girls dance, laugh, dream, with a hippie-bohemian style, and a free spirit, modern and contemporary.

This is the essence of YolanCris ...

"I often like to imagine a place far from everything, a place where

we can live together in unity, peace and respect, living a life absolutely free.

Letting go of fear and live in peace with oneself, with each other, and the planet

for the greater good.

Because peace, love and unity can be accepted

others regardless of their beliefs or background.

A place free of any prejudice. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

Yolancris ad campaign 2012