7 of March, 2013

The most original wedding report ever!

The most original wedding report ever!

We would all agree that this could be the end of the typical image of a common wedding, but do not be fooled, Isma and Marta's wedding was an unusual event.

Marta Ramos married Ismael last October 13 in Soto de la Marina, Cantabria (Spain). Wisely chose the Harlem wedding dress from Lumière bridal collection, and knew how to combined with a unique and very personal style with the following YolanCris wedding accessories: the shawl YC75 and YC08 bridal sandal.

YolanCris loves innovation and unusual ideas, and Marta and Isma's wedding report is one of the most original and creative we've ever seen. This shooting was fabulous photographed by Maichak Tamanako, where his creativity and talent crop up in each shot.

The Lumière bridal collection was a wink to the originality and innovation of the early twentieth century when the Lumière brothers created the silent film. Isma and Marta photo shooting reminds of the timeless and spectacularly beautiful stage effects of George Méliès, when lack of technological advancement forced acute ingenuity and intellect, creating masterpieces that will last forever.

After having reached this point, we won't entertain you more, let yourself immers in a special journey around the world: Paris, Holland, Morocco, with a charming retro style and the magic touch of DIY 

It is clear that this photo shooting wouldn't have been the same without the performance of the cute child. Congratulations! this little girl got talent!