Chain reactions. Magú+ María wedding, in Nerja wedding dress by YolanCris. Part I.

19 of March, 2013

The first impression is the most important, and in this case, the facial expression of the bridesmaid doesn't lie: the bride is stunning in her ​​wedding dress!

This image accurately reflects what we like to call chain reactions, usually happens at weddings. For chain reactions we understand, the emotion that causes an action is turn leads to energy charged a consequence, and it becomes in another. Until finally, as by force of destiny, things are linked by a magical thread. And the result is a beautiful wedding full of emotions.

This also happens in love. Two people meet one day, they caused good impression on each other and the days pass by, dialy affection arises, and one day you discover you'd spend your whole life with that person. First impressions don't lie.

María and Magú celebrated their wedding in a former greenhouse surrounded by gardens and the evening lights, this is how it's described by the wedding photographer Paula. G. Furió.

María wore a the wedding dress Nerja, from Diva line, the most elegant of all YolanCris bridal collections. With mother of pearl applications and  chantilly lace dress in mermaid silhouette. She was truly lovely.

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