Chain reactions. Wedding of Magú+ María, in Nerja wedding dress by YolanCris. Part II.

19 of March, 2013
In these beautiful pictures, can be appreciated these series of chain reactions that happen during a wedding: the family is excited to see the bride dressed up for the first time, the couple spread their joy by celebrating their union,  friends encourage the wedding. One thing leads to another, a big party is held and the finale is a range of emotions and experiences that will be remembered forever.
Also you can see the detail of the back of Nerja wedding dress by YolanCris. It has all the glamour of old movie stars. María, the bride, knows how to look with a natural and innate elegance.

Do you think that this wedding ends like this? Of course not, it was a really funny wedding. Do not miss the moments of the guests' dance on the website of the wedding photographer Paula.G.Giró. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Tags: bride, wedding dress, stylish wedding dress, lovely bride, Diva, first impression, triggered reactions, chain reactions