3 of April, 2013

Chronicles of a very special bride. Sonia Porto in YolanCris wedding dress.

Chronicles of a very special bride. Sonia Porto in YolanCris wedding dress.

Sonia Porto has sent us these beautiful pictures of her wedding last August 11, 2012 in Viveiro, a village on the coast of Lugo in Galicia.

A beautiful bride with a natural style which YolanCris identifies completely.

There are several traits in Sonia that make her a very special woman, one is her personal style with a natural elegance that made her looked radiant on her wedding day. Another factor is the way she explains a story: how she finally chose her wedding dress by YolanCris. A nice story that got us captivated by its beauty and originality. To lose not an ounce of magic, we show Sonia's story in her own words:

"I must begin by thanking Saul, our wedding photographer, who made my dream possible. I didn't  know you until the day I went to book my wedding reportage CarlosFot√≥grafosand Saul told me about you. He said:" Sonia, you'd be a perfect bride if you wear a Yolancris bridal gown, they are totally different wedding dresses. I've notice, wedding after wedding."He even show me YolanCris web page in his store.

When I started going to bridal shops looking for my dream wedding dress, I got curious and went to several boutiques which worked with label YolanCris, I tried several models and truth, to my parents and sister, who accompanied me, were surprised to the originality and quality of your bridal gowns.

Until I tried on my wedding dress, the St. Louis bridal gown, I felt so pretty! But I did not bought it.

And I kept looking, and trying on and on a lot of wedding dresses, and more wedding dresses! to see if I could find one that would fit a little more to the budget I had in mind. But there was no way, with any of them I looked the same, any bridal gown that I tried on couldn't get me forget the wedding dress St. Louis (or my family either), so in the end my parents bought me the wedding dress. I was convinced and we went for it. I was so extremely happy!"

The bridal bouquet was a bunch of lavender, its beauty lies in its simplicity.
Sonia also tells us that kerchiefs on the image above bearing an initial "C" in the name of Carmen, because they belong to her grandmother. A precious memory.