27 of May, 2013

Back to Black. Special YolanCris total black look.

Back to Black

YolanCris gives great importance to the design of each of their garments. In night dresses and evening looks, made ​​a detailed outfits giving relevance to both the front and the back.

The back of this YolanCris ensemble is pure sophistication, Yolanda and Cristina show their most sober and stylish side in this two-piece outfit, consisting of the blouse 1323 and  the skirt 1335.

The blouse 1323 made in ​​French lace with a base patterned in trasnparent polca dots, is a different design, sexy and feminine. Applications in jet coated symmetrically adorn the front and the back as shoulder pad.

The pencil skirt 1335 has all the glamour from the 40' s. The beautifully woven fabric, defined with rhinestones, is finishe by a tulle roses line made ​​by hand.

Could you resist not seeing the front part of this YolanCris night outfit?

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