30 of May, 2013

Wonderful wedding in Durban beach, South Africa. Rhys & Kelly in Alabama wedding dress.

Chance, magic and coincidence. A cold February 2008 joined Rhys and Kelly at the mutual friend's birthday party in London. He returned to his hometown in South Africa, but 8.000 miles and a long-distance relationship for about two yearswere not drawbacks to challenge their love.

An autumn day in October 2011 and a lovely wooden bench in Central Park, New York were the only witness of their marriage proposal. A long engagement were not on their plans, so in May 2012 were immersed in the adventure of planning from London, a great wedding on the beach of Durban in South Africa. The result, one of the most wonderful and charming wedding we've ever seen. Proving once again that true love knows no distance or borders.

The groom and groomsmen, the stylish leading men. We've fallen in love with their casual and classy look with all the elegance of the gentlemans from the 50's.

And finally it's time to present to the bride, Kelly.

Natural elegance and an exquisite personal style. The key to the success of her bridal look is based on  the concept that Kelly is a very self confident woman. She said:

"If you find something that you love, stop looking. Less is more most of the time. Spend your money on your photographer, dress and food. You will never regret inviting someone to your wedding but you will regret not inviting someone, so embrace having a big family if you do."

The bridal gown could only be one: the Alabama wedding dress by YolanCris.

And just one wonderful bridal accessory. As a sea goddess, put on over her head a fresh flowers wreath, with which was absolutely gorgeous.

Simplicity and authenticity. She chose Alabama wedding dress from YolanCris Alchemy bridal collection to represent her during one of the best day of her life, defining her true personality, style and essence. As you know this bridal design is legendary and full of magic. Do you remember the reason why it was designed? The legend of the Alabama wedding dress.

No one as the couple to explain you all the details of their wedding: the cute invitations, the DIY inspiration for the wedding decor, the choice for the preparations, and how finally everything came out perfectly.

You can read the interview with this lovely couple at The prettyblog, the most faboulous  & chic wedding blog of South Africa.