17 of June, 2013

Maribel Castillo, contestant on Number One talent show in a YolanCris dress.

Maribel Castillo performed beautifully the spanish song "Hoy quiero confesar" at Number One a talent show Tv program of Antena 3. She was wearing a YolanCris cocktail dress.

She looked gorgeous in YolanCris 1104 evening dress . A short dress with floral print from New Age collection 2011. Fresh, young, cheerful and daring. Teh skirt flowers come to life in 3D and the girly style focuses on a strapless neckline.

You can follow all the steps and videos of Maribel Castillo on her space at Antena 3 TV. In a Tv program with a talented jury with stars of Spanish music scene as David Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Monica Narajo and Pitingo.