26 of June, 2013

The Mint Horse. Ballad Of Magazine UK

The Mint Horse. Ballad Of Magazine UK

Fresh, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, extraordinary, attractive, seductive, fascinating, mysterious and absolutely magical is this beautiful fashion editorial The Mint Horse - Ballad Of Magazine UK by Crisitna Robles.

The title borrows the name of a species of mint native to Europe and very typical of England Horse Mint, a wild plant that blooms in summer. The bohemian and delicate details of this fashion editorial bathed in alchemical magic, immerses us in a world of fantasy through YolanCris couture dresses.

Blue-toned dress and mink 1324, which contrasts with the feminine and sweet design pink and nude lace 1321 and lace mink short YCSh27 presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

In this post are too many missing words and it's needed eyes wide open to capture a new sensitivity in realization of photography, video and art direction. Ready to perceive new sensations? p l a y

The Mint Horse from fragmentouniverso on Vimeo.

To conclude we can only mention the whole team, congratulation guys for an extraordinary job. We leave you with the credits.

Photography: Cristina Robles
Stylist & Realization: Mar Pulido
MUA & Hair: Amelia Escriche
Photo Assistant: Ariana Ariana Arellano Lopez