27 of June, 2013

An ideal wedding: Nuño + Toñi in Alabama wedding dress by Yolan Cris

Today we present you one of the weddings that most surprised us this year. For its originality and realization, this is an ideal wedding. And this couple have found each other: Nuño is ideal for her and Toñi ideal for him. They're funny, original, and very different and with such a huge talent.

They decided to make a blog, especially for their wedding (we love this idea) but because of their surnames with "great historical burden" as gracefully explains Toñi, they put a title and a header a lot of funny. If you want to uncover it enter to this link: A real Wedding Blog Toñi + Nuño. You see they're a very fun couple and Toñi has a great talent for writing, fresh posts, natural and full of sense of humor. Factors that do not go unnoticed and the #soyturista Radio program underwent an interview about her honeymoon in campervan around Europe (France, Italy, Austria and Germany). You like the idea, right? Stay tuned if you want to hear the podscat. (spanish only)

Toñi, who was gorgeous in her wedding day, wore a shawl as a headdress made ​​especially for her, she was radiant with a fabulous vintage look and loose hair. The wedding dress is the Alabama gown by YolanCris, embroidered silk tulle and straps to back, you will agree with us that it was her wedding dress. Lovely.

 The wedding was also full of beautiful details and good ideas, Toñi tells us:
"We gave away a cute cupcakes to guests who are planning to get marry."