10 of July, 2013

Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. II

Magic wedding in Formentera, Fernando + Maria. II

We must make a special mention to the fabulous guests. One of our favorite images is the one above, all the guests dressed in white with oriental umbrella. A note of style in the endless details of wedding full of sensitivity and harmony.

This wedding manages to convey the heartfelt sentiments that day, the important thing about planning a wedding is the best thing about it is what you least expect, experiences Spontaneous hugs, laughs, dances and songs.

As you see, the bride is completely comfortable with the Quebec wedding dress. A dress made ​​with 100% organic and natural fabrics, with a sustainable clothing handmade in Barcelona and much craftsmanship. The strapless neckline and end in a nice low-cut back. This design is one of the most unusual and never have created Yolanda and Cristina, if you look in the skirt are hand-sewn crochet strips with different ivory and birch wooden balls. Mary could dance and be herself without worrying that the dress will gives her any problem.