18 of July, 2013

The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue

The fabulous wedding of Eli G. of Lost in Vogue

"May 25, 2013. A date that has been marked in my life as the happiest day of my life."

This is the fabulous beginning of the post that  Eli G has dedicated to her wedding, she is known by all for her fashion blog Lost in Vogue. You can read and enjoy the full reportage through the own bride's words on this link: The Wedding / Eli G.

Everything related to Eli G is about elegance and style, and of course her wedding is a reflection of her personality. She's wearing an exclusive design from YolanCris new bridal collection 2014, Catania wedding dress. Her wedding day, the happiest day of his life, was certainly a romantic story, a true fairy tale. We leave you enjoy of these beautiful images.

The Church, Santa Eulalia de Palma de Mallorca. An amazing place in line with the bride's beauty. We want   to congratulate her with great affection and wish her all the happiness in the world. Eli, you were absolutely beautiful, it was really a dreamy wedding. Many congratulations!