13 of September, 2013

Good morning, #todayistheday. Gerard & Ainhoa's romantic wedding

Good morning, #todayistheday. Gerard & Ainhoa's romantic wedding

St.Louis wedding dress from Bohemian Luxury bridal collection by YolanCris.

Sometimes we forget that a wedding is a matter of two people.

The decor, the wedding reception, the catering, the guests, all the details for everything goes perfect is often more a headache than a celebration. And the most important thing is the love between two people is reaffirmed, with the assurance that their life will change, now they will walk together in the same direction.

The simplicity of these images are what make them so beautiful. The photographer Monica Carrera tells the story of Gerard and Ainhoa. She shows us with great sensitivity, a short tale explained through images about how it was their wedding day.