Good morning, #todayistheday. Gerard & Ainhoa's intimate & romantic wedding. Part II

13 of September, 2013

An intimate and romantic wedding. Organized entirely by the couple. The photographer Monica Carrera explains in her post that the bride Ainhoa​​, chose all the details of this fabulous rustic wedding: the bouquet of lavender, candles with lace, wicker hampers ... We have falling in love with this wedding for its simplicity and authenticity. Congratulations to the couple.
The wedding dress St. Louis by YolanCris, is made with 100% organic fabrics. One of their top qualities is that as being made in natural fabrics, the dress is comfortable, fresh and weighless. The ivory color is ideal for weddings held in the woods or a garden, especially in spring and autumn. The tulle embroidered with silk threads makes draws of flowers and plants. The endless layers of different types of lace makes a wedding dress romantic and elegant. Ainhoa ​​was fabulous in it.

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