3 of October, 2013

Divina Federica! dressed in Portugal wedding dress by YolanCris

Divina Federica! dressed in Portugal wedding dress by YolanCris

An elegant style and the perfect vintage touch.

Federica Andurini from Italy sends us these pictures with the wedding dress Portugal of Ibiza! collection byYolanCris. 

The burgundy tone gives image reminiscent from the past. As those old photographs of brides from the 19th century, full of mystery and beauty. Along with a beautiful vase of hydrangeas, Federica is captivating with French chantilly YC57 headdress.

Portugal wedding dress is a couture strapless handmade bridal gown. Federica is a clear example of bride with a unique personal style that knows how to adapt the wedding dress to her inner essence. YolanCris dresses even when full of original and distinctly different design, finally is the bride who customizes the design, making it her own dream.

Every single detail of this dress are made by hand, 100% organic fabrics in natural fibers makes it comfortable, getting a feeling of freshness and naturalness in every movement of the bride.

Fine jewelry made with pearl and  silver chain  is a total success in Federica bridal look, congratulations for your good taste. The bridal bouquet is an authentic beauty of rustic and natural appearance.