14 of October, 2013

A YolanCris bride in New York City.

A YolanCris bride in New York City.

Good morning.

Is a common and polite greeting to start any email . Every day we read hundreds of brides' emails from all over the world, and over the time, we can guess what kind of woman is behind the written lines.

A simple and resounding Good Morning conveyed us strength, passion, excitement, heart, and a lot of charisma. Thus we decided start writing about our today's heroine, Veronica Parrilla and show you her postwedding pictures in New York City.

"I'm a fan of your YolanCris wedding dresses, since I met you I knew that my wedding day would wear one of your bridal designs. I love your style and specially how comfortable it can be the wedding dress because I had the lucky to wear one of your models stroll through Manhattan. We decided to make a post wedding report with typical places of New York during our honeymoon, that's why I send you some pictures to upload them to facebook . I give some details :

YolanCris Wedding Dress : St. Louis ( in some photos I put it as strapless gown, although the original design is the most beautiful ) photographer : Naira Altuna of NAAL PHOTOGRAPHY . "

Do you recognize these places? Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Station, Times Square and the Fifth Avenue.
The pictures are amazing and can't be more awesome. Congratulations to Juan Carlos and Veronica for the decision to go to New York for this fabulous story. Only who has great dreams can achieve great things. Congratulations!