Annemarie Carpendale in a YolanCris couture gown hosts GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013.

12 of November, 2013
Annemarie Carpendale, in a YolanCris evening gown #1407 A/W haute couture collection 2014, presented the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013 last thursday evening in Berlin.
As you know, Annemarie Warnkross recently got married the Actor Wayne Carpendale with YolanCris wedding dress in Ibiza, the gown Maracaibo of Boho Girl bridal collection, click on here to see the news. In one of the most beautiful wedding snapshots of the year. She didn't hesitate to trust YolanCris once again, but this time in our couture collection for one of the most important and international events in the world. She was absolutely stunning in the most sophisticated and sexy YolanCris dress for this season 2013/14. The YolanCris` creative designer, Yolanda Perez, made ​​this couture gown in a fabulous jet French chanitlly, background plumeti and a  fantastic tail with black satin strips.

A long-leght black lace gown with evocative transparencies, described by Dailymail UK as the sexiest woman in the event. Annemarie Carpendale posted on her facebook pictures of the interview with footballer player David Beckham who won GQ man style award 2013. David attended at the event in a black tuxedo confirming the reason for this well-deserved award.

Newlyweds, Wayne & Annemarie Carpendale during the GQ Men of the year Awards 2013 taking place at Berlin.

Singer Anastacia made ​​a spectacular performance and was also awarded with a style prize.

In the picuture above we see David Beckham, Kylie Minogue, Robin Thicke y the master of couture Jean Paul Gaultier, with their well-deserved awards. Tags: Annemarie Carpendale, Annemarie Warnkross, Black lace gown, black lace couture gown, Annemarie Carpendale black lace gown GQ, Annemarie Warnkross black dress GQ, Annemarie Carpendale GQ, GQ men of the year, GQ men of the yeare 2013, Vestidas por YolanCris