15 of November, 2013

Wine and Wood. A beautiful bridal editorial by Joseba Sandoval

Wine and Wood. A beautiful bridal editorial by Joseba Sandoval

In today's post, we are pleased to show you a Joseba Sandoval's  shooting made with some of our wedding gowns 

Joseba is a master of treating the natural light transforming a rustic place into an idilic one, full of brights and natural contrasts. The setting, a ceremony in the field with still lifes of fruit, wine and wood.

This time Joseba has managed decontextualise our Boho wedding dress, associated to a brides with a casual-chic style, giving them a country flair. Once again reaffirming the theory that the YolanCris bridal gowns change according to the style of our brides.On the other side, the elegance and sophistication of Glint Couture collection, both from Ethereal Evanescence 2014. 


Las Vegas wedding dress, from Boho-chic collection that follows the lines of the YolanCris personal style.  Made for a spontaneous bride style who wants to flee from conventionalism . Composed of embroidered tull, guipure that silhouettes the body,  and a funny game of straps on the neckline that gives a tribal air to the design.

Glint Couture collection is another YolanCris proposal. Curaçao bridal gown remind the diva look, a powerful woman with a strong influence in a society. This dress is made with an embroidered Chantilly with inlaid rhinestones in its V form neckline and its braces. 

The Salomon is a gown fitted in a mermaid silhouette, rich in fabrics and full of details. Since its romantic style neckline to the waterfall of fringes on its tail which make a nice effect when walking
The drawing of guipur is placed masterly to enhance the figure, ideal for brides looking with a glamour style.

We want to congratulated Joseba Sandoval for this beatiful shooting published in Magnolia Rouge and Love Chocolate and Weddings. Is known for all that the naturalness is the most difficult pose and you did it!