4 of December, 2013

Ieva, the YolanCris nymph

Ieva, the YolanCris nymph

The fact of getting married involve to take many decisions: cátering, guests, ceremony... but the most difficult one is the wedding dress decision,  the most anticipated and which arouse more curiosity among the guests. 

The wedding dress for every woman is a reflection of its essence, and that's why we are particularly proud of those who put their trust in YolanCris because they find what identifies them.

Ieva is one of this wonderful brides who trusted in YolanCris to star her wedding day. In her case, she told us that had celebrated her wedding two times, in Turkey and in Lithuania and she would wear 100 time if she could. 

She chose the Togo dress from Ibiza 2013.. A model in embroidered tulle, guipure and lace;  with a long tail, very comfortable, handicraft and made with high quality fabrics.
The bride wore a natural look which completed with a chaplet. She remind us a beatiful fairy tale nymph

She wrote   "This dress made me feel like a diva! Thanks so much". 
You looked gorgeous and these pictures are proof of that.

Thank you for choosing YolanCris. Somehow we were present in your two celebrations.

Congratulations. Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world!