19 of December, 2013

Love is all around! Marta, Jerome and their fascinating wedding in Dior's castle

Love is all around! Marta, Jerome and their fascinating wedding in Dior's castle

There are magical weddings! And this is one of those ceremonies in which we regret not having been invited. Jerome and Marta are the couple of this wonderful wedding that we are talking about in today's post. 

The venue could not be more idyllic Le Château de la Colle Noire. The Castle of Christian Dior, where the designer lived during the last days of his life. A place filled with large gardens, fishponds, upholstered walls and gold folding screens.

Marta chose Alabama wedding dress of Alquimia Collection 2012 by YolanCris. An extremely feminine bridal gown, full of details in lace and embroidered tulle. Made of organic and very comfortable fabrics. A dress with a story behind it, like everything in this magical wedding. 

The bride wore a simple look with family jewelry, a low bun with a bouquet of natural flowers decorating it.

The photographer Raquel Benito was the responsible of  immortalizing the ceremony. She did a great job capturing every detail, every gaze or situation nearing the objective of her camera. 

As we could see in this images, that wedding was one of these events where everybody is relaxed and happy with a smile in their faces. They enjoyed and were witnesses of the love that binds. 

Le  "Château de la Colle Noire" is a magical place with a special charm.

Raquel Benito is a specialist in capturing those details which nobody realise. In this picture, Marta is in that instant before dressing with her bridal gown, the most important secret of the bride.

Andrea one the guest, also wore YolanCris. She chose the  #1358 evening gown. A short model with 
asymmetrical neckline and a touch glam-rock of the '70s. She looked stunning!

The cocktail party was enlivened with a rockabilly group known as Swamp Cats. 

The party lasted well into the night and the day begun with a brunch at the pool. We love the underwater love!

We have enjoyed these images as if we had been participants and we've been transported to the palace where high fashion is palpable in every corner.

We rejoice immensely the happiness radiating the couple. Congratulations for this charming ceremony

Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world!