7 of January, 2014

The White Gallery brides

The White Gallery brides

New year, new brides!

The White Gallery is an Irish bridal boutique, with lots of glamour and charm, located in a luxurious manor between Dublín and Belfast. A unique place with an excelent treatment and personalized where future brides could find some of the exclusive YolanCris designs.

Today's brides have different styles however they found the wedding dress of their dreams and for these reason we are proud once again.

Catherine (down,right) and Danielle (the girl above) chose Almería bridal gown. A beautiful model from Revival Vintage Collection. Made of  tulle with rhinestones and off-white silks. This wedding dress takes us to the artists of the 20's,  glamorous, sophisticated and extremely feminine.

Sarah (down, left) is leaving the Cathedral wearing  Nápoles wedding dress. This dress is made of silk in pure-white color with ruffles down the front and guipure details . Exclusive and elegant wedding dress like a real diva.

Rhona (center) chose the Mijas bridal gown for her special day. A wealthy dress in fabrics, silks inlaid rhinestones and guipure.

They look stunning in YolanCris bridal gowns and we wish you the best in this 2014 as a wifes!


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