19 of February, 2014

Yolanda+Víctor. A mediterranean wedding

Yolanda+Víctor. A mediterranean wedding

More  YolanCris real brides. Who can resist a wedding bathed by sunshine and the Mediterranean Sea . Yolanda and Victor said "I Do" during the sunset in Malaga Coast.

Yolanda is one of those brides who irradiates all the  YolanCris style. Simple and dazzling she chose Turquia wedding dress from Ibiza Collection 2013.

Turquia bridal gown is unique. A gown simple in its form but extremely complex in their tissues. This wedding dress is made by a lot of different fabrics: chantilly, embroidered tulle and guipure details with inlaid mother-of-pearl. It has a long tail ending in a different white lace frills.

Yolanda also chose some accessories from  YolanCris completing her outfit. She put the  YC75 shawl  which she was covering  part of her hair, the YCBPL4 crochet bracelet and the YC12 wedges.

"Since I met you, I've always know that if anyday I get married I would do it in  a  YolanCris wedding dress". "Without being conscious you had been part of this special day".

Thank you very much Yolanda, it's a pleasure to dress brides like you. We wish you all the happiness in the world, long and lasting.

Photography: Juan Trujillo | Videos4Events