26 of March, 2014

Uncover Iguazu, the perfect beach wedding dress

Uncover Iguazu, the perfect beach wedding dress

Boho chic wedding dress, for a modern bride who is a free spirit, creative, original, different. All these boho wedding dresses are created with high quality European fabrics, handmade, 100% designed and produced in Barcelona by YolanCris. The dream of haute couture & fashion is reflected in every detail for you to be perfect on your wedding day.

The line of boho chic wedding dresses by YolanCris 2014, is full of bridal dresses special for weddings that will be held on the beach. The Ibiza-style  of each design within fabrics 100% organic and eco-friendly design make of any of these wedding dresses ideal if your wedding is held on the shores of a beautiful coast. 

Yolanda and Cristina, the designers of YolanCris wedding dresses, were inspired in the Iguzu waterfalls to create this bridal gown, they located in the heart of South America. See on detail Iguazu wedding dress

Iguazú is a strapless wedding dress, as the name suggests is inspired by the freshness and the stunning Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil. As endless layers of water the endless guipure lace and flowers are arranged along this awesome bridal gown in pure white, reminiscent in every detail the water to break the rocks. All applications of this wedding dress are hand sewn. Once again nature inspires the YolanCris wedding dresses.