22 of April, 2014

The wedding of Mariana at the feet of Christ Redeemer. An YC brazilian bride

The wedding of Mariana at the feet of Christ Redeemer. An YC brazilian bride

We crossed the Atlantic towards Rio de Janeiro. Specifically to Guanabara Bay surrounded by the Sugar Loaf  and at the feet of  Corcovado ChristThe Redeemer.

After visualize the scene we can already imagine how beautiful was the ceremony of Mariana and Rafael, the brazilian couple that we're talking today.

Mariana Ferri d'Àvila, is nutritionist and knows perfectly the importance of well-being in body and mind. She looks stunning in this images with her boho-chic style wedding dress. The chosen bridal gown was the Togo from Ibiza Collection by YolanCris. This wedding dress fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the ceremony. Made in embroidered tulle and cotton tulle has a nice V -neckline that enhances the chest and the natural sensuality of the bride. The back is naked.

Throughout the dress we found different ruffles finished in fine lace. A very comfortable dress made of organic fabrics.

Our Brazilian bride chose a very natural hairstyle. She left her long hair loose soft waves and a floral tiara in pastel colours.

Mariana purchased your wedding dress in Casamarela Noivas, our Brazilian representatives with a store in Campinhas,  Saô Paolo . A boutique run by Valeria and her daughters where brides from Brazil can enjoy personalized service.

We are very happy to see the YolanCris wedding dresses crossing the Atlantic and reach everywhere as part of special ceremonies like Mariana and Rafael .

Thank you for choosing YolanCris for this occasion. Congratulations and warm wishes to both of you along your new path.  Desejando a vocês toda felicidade do mundo.