13 of May, 2014

Oro fluido. Luxurious hair cosmetics

Oro fluido. Luxurious hair cosmetics

During the parade at the Barcelona Bridal Week, we had the pleasure of working with a prestigious hair-cosmetic brand, ORO FLUIDO. These products provide nourishment and shine thanks to compounds of precious natural oils: Argan , Cyperus and linen. Furthermore, this product emits a delightful fragrance of sweet vanilla aroma
Argan oil brings lightness to the hair. It is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Strengthens while providing hair a touch silk.

The oil extracted from flax seed gives the hair an instant shine as it seals and smoothes the cuticle. 

Cipero oil gives a velvety silkiness, giving volume and fights against frizz hair. 
Oro Fluido is presented in a sophisticated bottle amber finely decorated with oriental borders. A stimulating product in all respects with a gold glitter that reminds us that we have in our hands an exclusive product.

This rapidly absorbed elixir that can be applied on wet or dry hair without residue and needs no rinsing leaving a delicious aroma.

They have also launched a new line of cosmetics and beauty and also gift us a mascara. 
Sure the guests at the parade are enjoying Oro Fluido experience.