YolanCris cocktail dresses New Collection 2015: Get the look of Marie Antoinette

17 of July, 2014
Party Outfit: Blouse #1501/Skirt 1501  
They're already here! Cocktail dresses New Collection 2015 by YolanCris.  It's that time of year... the wedding season and you're invited to one of them. Check out the party dresses that YolanCris propose you.
Reinventing the Marie Antoinette style we show you some outfits with this characteristic french air. Floral dresses, big puffy skirts mullet cut or the classic strapless dress. Two pieces outfits that take us away from the static long dress and  offer us a world of possibilities when combining clothes.
A collection with the current fashion trends, full coloured and made with the finest European fabrics. All this party dresses are handmade  in the YolanCris workshop in Barcelona.  Let yourself be seduced by the YolanCris Couture world and shine like a modern-day Marie Antoinette! 
Cocktail outfit
Cocktail outfit: Falda y Blusa #1519
Strapless dress
Cocktail dress: #1506
Party outfit
Party outfit: Blouse #1510/ Skirt #1567
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