1 of October, 2014

New trends: Mullet wedding dresses

New trends: Mullet wedding dresses

Fully immersed in the New YolanCris Collection we can see the many trends that are included in. One of these is the mullet wedding dresses. Usually the mullet silhouette includes all those skirts short in frontlong in backA trend that YolanCris designers have wanted to transfer from Prêt-à-Porter to bridal fashion. 

In some wedding ensembles, the mullet trend is pretty clear such as with the Karola skirt, which is calf length in the front and has a long damask accentuated tail.
In other wedding dresses this trend is more discreet as Nicol wedding dress, from our bohemian collection, where the front length skirt goes below the knee. 

A perfect choice to get a modern wedding outfit, where the shoes, one of the most important bridal accessories, become more visible. 

Dare to try this trend! 

Mullet skirts

Lace wedding ensemble

Wedding ensemble with Mullet skirt: ARANTXA skirt/ HEIDY blouse

boho chic wedding dress