22 of July, 2011

YolanCris' soul are two sisters, Yolanda and Cristina

YolanCris' soul are two sisters, Yolanda and Cristina

Yolanda and Cristina are sisters and are the soul of YolanCris

It is said that in odd years do not bring sorrow, and was in 2005 the year that the company decided to create YolanCris.

The interest felt by Yolanda and Cristina, sewing and bridal fashion world is from family heritage, their mother, a pioneer in the bridal business, instilled them since they were childs in his passion for work well done andtaught them how to feel the magic world of wedding dresses.

Some time ago worked at creating their own store wedding dresses as it was not until that year, ending their studies, when they created their first collection and in 2006 they presented it at the Pasarela Gaudi Novias, within the great international fair Barcelona Bridal Week, creating what is now recognized as a leading brand in wedding dresses and evening wear, their impact is both nationally and internationally.


Their ID,  which identifies them and makes them special in the sector, is a blend of techniques based on traditional craftsmanship with a very modern philosophy and modern life. They design and produce all the dresses one by one in the mannequin with the technique of \\\\\\\"moulage" and are produced entirely in Barcelona , that is why for them their team is very important, because in his workshop in Barcelona is composed of professionals with consolidated real racing experts, who make the product YolanCris inspire confidence and reliability of high quality. Because of the high level of work and quality, and the man hours involved in making each dress, the number of stitches, the beauty and originality of each design can be described as haute-couture, YolanCris is a haute couture brand.

In his own imaginary highlights the inspiration in the past, especially the first decades of the twentieth century and mix it in a special way with today's culture, with rock'n\\\\\\\'roll and indie music, the hippie aesthetic and life ,folklore and Ibiza style, also, heavily influenced by their own city, Barcelona, ​​philosophy and bohemian artists in the modernist who used to wander around the Gothic Quarter, the movement of the counterculture of the 60′s. They love to travel, passion for the East, for the work at hand of ancient civilizations, the aesthetics of other ethnic and tribal cultures. He has a passion for fashion, latest trends and any artistic vanguard.


They are free spirits, sensitive to art, fashion, to any manifestation of beauty and contrast like to impress, amaze, innovate with creativity and originality, in order to be transgressive and bet heavily on his beliefs. Especially much bet that the image is modern and current bride, leaving behind outdated patterns.

The year 2011 has just started, and with the same force as at the beginning Yolanda and Cristina are still remodeling, modernizing and rebuilding your business personality and creativity, based in their team that accompanies them from the beginning and focusing on the reliability of own production and national qualityof handwork, with the added value of the contribution of originality and innovation of new designs, always looking forward, one foot in the present and a strong step forward.