The style of Maribel Verdú at the premiere of Felices 140.

13 of April, 2015
Actress Maribel Verdú attended the premiere of her latest film Felices 140 past Friday, held at Tenerife (Canary Islands).  A film directed by Gracia Querejeta, from this weekend showing at more than 100 theathers around the country.  Considered one of the best dressed actresses at all red carpets, Maribel Verdú has a personal style that appeals for its elegance and sophistication, in which black is always her fetish colour.  So much so, that for this special occasion, the beautiful actress has opted for the #1514 black lace blouse with white 3D flowers, combined with a classy blazer and pants all in black. A sober and extremely feminine outfit, adjectives that describe Maribel so well! 

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