6 of May, 2015

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016. Orquídea, New Bridal Collection by YolanCris

Barcelona Bridal Week 2016. Orquídea, New Bridal Collection by YolanCris

Barcelona is living a maelstrom in terms of bridal trends on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Bridal Week. 
Few hours remaining for the  launching of the YolanCris New Collection titled "Orquídea". The finishing touch to a 10 years in Haute Couture. 
Two distinct lines mark this new collection, the result of a deep and mature study of trends, volumes and silhouettes which aims to reach a wide range of brides.

BOHO FOLK understood as an iconic and timeless style, a trend for 2016. 

This style, folk bride, is interpreted through the superposition of different fabrics and original textures, creating a new world that draws a journey through different cultures. Contemporary silhouettes, modern, metropolitan style, generate energy and fresh dynamic silhouettes blouses and skirts. Craftsmanship of hand sewing with woven cotton guipure, linen thread rustic crochets and silk tulle wrapped in a journey towards a synchronously artisan balanced style.


Bridal trends 2016. Couture wedding dresses line

This time the journey is inward. The fineness and mysticism of the best European fabrics such as Chantilly lace, guipure silk, organza with hints of moharé mixing with classic fabrics such as silk tulle and fancy silver rhinestones forming floral patterns. 
This particle line takes the name of the new bridal collection YolanCris called / ORCHID / the most extraordinarily beautiful and unusual flower in the world. A flower with a great beauty requires time of dedication, commitment and attention. Comparably, YolanCris creates its wedding dresses, and this hard work, care and design study summarizes a decade of constant creation and quality sewing.