4 of June, 2015

A Roaring twenties-themed wedding in Germany. Evelyn and Giuseppe

A Roaring twenties-themed wedding in Germany. Evelyn and Giuseppe

Another Country, another age! Specifically the Golden Age. The most sophisticated and glamorous one.
This theme is precisely the thread that runs through the Evelyn's wedding look.
Giuseppe and Evelyn tied the knot past 19th of July in Steinbachhof, Germany.
Our today's bride chose a vintage wedding dress from our Mademoiselle Vintage Collection. The model Paris. A wedding dress with layers of embroidered tulle and lace, with crossed straps and a sensual silhouette that Evelyn purchased at Da Vinci, our stockist in Stuttgart. 
The bride finished her look with a finger wave hairstyle, a silver headdress and a shining open toe dance shoes. Like in the Great Gatsby! 
A countryside wedding, a barbecue on a summer night with their loved ones, all enlivened by a group of Sicilian folk, because of the Italian roots of the groom, Giuseppe
Idyllic! Wishing them endless love and happiness.
Congratulate the photographers that captured all the excitement of the great day of Evelyn and Giuseppe.

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Evelyn and her vintage wedding dress

Vintage wedding look

German weddings. Evely and Giuseppe

German weddings

German weddings. Evelyn and Giuseppe

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Vintage wedding. Roar twenties wedding

German wedding. Evelyn Giuseppe

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Vintage Wedding. Evelyn and Giuseppe

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Evelyn and Giuseppe. Vintage wedding in Germany

Evelyn and Giuseppe. German wedding

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