1 of July, 2015

New Bridal Collection 2016. Haute Couture line exclusive preview!

New Bridal Collection 2016. Haute Couture line exclusive preview!

We are passionate about fabrics, fancy sconces and raw materials in general. In our relentless search to offer new fabrics, we found real wonders: Fine laces, high quality embroidered fabrics and shiny rhinestones in a wide variety of shades that we could not resist!

At the end, details make the real difference, and the raw materials we use have a lot of responsibility on that.
Thought exclusively in all those brides that loves the traditional couture techniques, aware of the effort and craftsmanship involved in each stitch. 

Women who want to see those values reflected in her wedding dress, with the conviction that carries a dress whose effort is the result of hours of work.

In the Haute Couture line 2016, Orchid, we find different trends and designs for all tastes.

As for the pattern,  we'll see long sleeves with delicate engravings, bat wing sleeves, mullet skirts, others with staggered flounces and large veils among other surprises. 

Designs that include low V-necklines and contrast between rigid bodices and vaporous skirts.

And here a small preview images of what lies ahead in September.

Come and see!

Couture wedding dresses. Horta
Horta:  High-end wedding dress with a flawless vintage style, rhinestone exclusive fabric drawing flowers, thin straps, flowers sewn by hand over the neckline. Ideal bridal accessory, silk plumeti veil.

Couture wedding dresses. Navas dress
Navas: Couture wedding dress, very high fashion style in white with silver silk reflections borders sewn by hand on fine high quality French. Long-tailed cape and tie belt as perfect wedding accessories.    

Couture wedding dress. Villamari dress
Villamari: Lace couture wedding dress with botanical handmade floral applications inspired in nature. Mermaid silhouette, silk embroidery and sporty neckline to modernize this high end wedding gown 2016.