19 of June, 2015

Noelia Lopez is the perfect guest in a YolanCris black gown

Noelia Lopez is the perfect guest in a YolanCris black gown

Gorgeous and smiling, model Noelia Lopez attended to her best friend's wedding in a YolanCris black gown

Earlier that afternoon, she doubted what dress to wear, between all the options were looks in deep red, floral print with golden Lurex thread and black colors, electric blue and black, that was a last option and finally the winning look.

She posted on social networks the question, allowing her followers help her choose. Red was the color winner par excellence, a perfect color for her type skin (a few weeks after was the color for the YolanCris Haute Cotutre gown she chosen for attending to Cadena 100 Awards) certainly one of the colors that suits her best.

Noelia López instagram

Comments on Noelia Lopez's instagram @noelopezv also got discrepancies between the electric blue and black silk tulle dress. Many opinions agreed that black is not a color to attend a wedding. Under the parameters of the perfect dress code for a wedding guest, it can be successful ignoring black color if the rule is a day wedding or a very natural beach weddings or also those weddings held in gardens or rustic ones with an exquisite color palette earth tones and natural details.

But this was a special case, a very sophisticated wedding held in Barcelona city, a ceremony beginning at sunset and previsted to be held at night.
If you opt for a long, black look, it is a sure hit. As sexy and elegant black dress YolanCris 1409, made by hand with a thousand and one details.