3 of July, 2015

Botanical wedding inspiration. Floral wedding dresses

Botanical wedding inspiration. Floral wedding dresses

Someone once said that "The Earth laughs in flowers" and we can't imagine a better place to share laughs and flowers  than a botanical wedding in a greenhouse. 

Greenhouses give us the opportunity to create a magical and romantic atmosphere like in a fairytale where it seems that pumpkins could become horse coaches at any time.

These are the YolanCris proposals  to shine if your are planning your dream botanical wedding. Garden-inspired wedding dresses  to put a touch of colour to your wedding outfit. 

Fresh designs made with  the finest laces, silk tulle and floral appliques in colours from green to mauve. 

Your wedding dress can mark the colour palette of the ceremony aesthetics. The beauty of the mother earth, the perfection of  nature always inspire us. That's why we named this new Bridal Collection Romantic Lace, one of the most beautiful and special flowers. 

Garden- inspired wedding dresses, Viladomat

Viladomat. Wedding dress made of silk tulle and lace with floral sconces in a little bouquet through its large skirt. 

Greenhouse wedding inspiration

Strapless wedding dress, flower aqpliques. Badia

Badia. Strapless wedding dress made of net fabrics with floral appliques following the silhouette.

Greenhouse wedding ideas

Strapless flower wedding dress. Roure

Roure. Strapless wedding dress with floral appliques in mauve tones, formed by two superimposed layers of lace, italian tulle and organza. 

Wedding ideas for a botanical wedding

Short wedding dress with flower apliques. Frida

Frida. Short and vaporous wedding dress made of bambula and flower sconces.

Wedding ideas for a botanical ceremony in a greenhouse

Vestido de novia palabra de honor. Fontanella

Fontanella. Strapless wedding dress made of italian pleated tulle with floral appliques in different colours. 

For the most romantic bride!