27 of October, 2015

The magic of a YolanCris's autumnal wedding

 The magic of a YolanCris's autumnal wedding

The autumn is here! the official start of fall brings more rain, cold and falling leaves. For many people, this time of the year could be really sad and feel a kind of melancholic trance. On the other hand, some people think that is a great time to fall in love and why not, celebrate a bohemian wedding on a dry mantle leaves. How to enhance this magical moment? wearing a Yolan Cris wedding dress

The scenery is a beautiful garden of an old rural house surrounded by nature. A quiet corner where the ancient trees create an intimate and bucolic place. Vegetation and flowers grow out of control. Suddenly, you feel like in a fairy tale. The silence and the pure air of the mountain offers to the place an autumnal atmosphere.

A bohemian and rustic wedding decoration. Tables and chairs are made of walnut wood and adorned with a thin cotton tablecloth. Plenty centerpieces are made matching warm colors as reds and oranges, with cold colors, like purple. Lots of candles, fruits and wild flowers scattered around all tables. Seasonal fruits as pomegranates and grapes mixed with cherries and strawberries fill with autumn colors all the editorial!

It's a rainy and windy time, we must be prepared for an always changing seasonal weather. For example, using a car to get a shelter, but it should be an original and classy one, as a pearl grey Rolls Royce.

The wedding dress chosen for this editorial is Iseo wedding dress of bridal collection 2014. The bride's hairstyle was simple, with soft waves, with a crowned veil. She was wonderful! The groom wore a blue suit and checkered bow tie.

All seasons are beautifully amazing to celebrate a wedding. Make your own different celebration adding personal details. Trust in Yolan Cris for the most special day of in your life!

Photos by Valérie Busque.

Photography: Valêrie Busque | Furniture: Location Gervais | Floral Design: Élysée Fleurs | Catering: La Mangue Verte | Hair and Makeup: Marc- André Bélanguer | Dress and accessories: YolanCris/ Boutique Oclan/ White Montreal/ Monique Lhullier