18 of December, 2015

Winter Wedding dresses 2016

Winter Wedding dresses 2016

Today we want to show you a selection of  long sleeve wedding dresses we find them perfect for a winter wedding.

Under the influence of winter goddess Skaði or Skadi, snow and archery deity in Nordic mythology, we take our boho bridal collection to another level bathing some of our best boho long sleeve wedding dresses with the white light of winter snow, showing them as a suitable option for a winter bridal look. The strength and power of this goddess inspired this selection of winter wedding dresses. Hope you like them.

Mermaid wedding dress Laietana, boho findge poncho optional bridal accessory.

Wedding dress Alibey, boho folk collection 2016 by Yolan Cris.

Bridal jacket Sants, floral silk embroidery and Swarovski zipper.

Hand-sewn silk appliques on transparent silk tulle seem like snowflakes falling down. Long sleeve wedding dress Montbau of Boho Folk bridal collection 2016, is a clear example of Yolan Cris couture handwork. We highlight knee-cut  skirt made of silk pleated soleit that simulates a waterfall.

Lace sleeve wedding dress Villaroel with full skirt, elegant and classic chic style.