2 of June, 2016

Discover the New Yolan Cris Evening wear Collection AW 2016/17

Discover the New Yolan Cris Evening wear Collection AW 2016/17

Discover the new designs of the  Yolan Cris Prêt à Couture Collection 2017. A  Collection, which are now on our website and will be soon in our retailers worldwide. 

This line is entirely inspired by the 70's fashion and glamour reviewed with a vanguard idea of future.

The romantic era of the '70's fashion was all about freedom, eclectic looks and a tendency to mix different styles with each other. Some people love this era for its liberalism and endless creativity. Everything was permitted, it was the period of the simultaneous existence of several styles inspired by all the emerging subcultures as hippies, punks or rockers.

New Collection Highlights! 

New Fabrics. We use velvet for the first time. 

Total looks that include belts, hats, scarfs and high boots. 

/  High-Waisted Designs

/ Matchy-Matchy sets and overalls 

/ Pant Suits

/ Furry coats 

/Floral printed dresses and embroideries. 

/New trimmings 

/Relaxed silhouettes. We incoporate the slip dress as a new trend. 

All dresses are created to enhance and flatter the feminine figure. Using, as always the most exquisite fabrics from the European suppliers. Everything handsewn at the Yolan Cris atelier in Barcelona.

This new line presents designs full of style and very sophisticated to look perfect in a variety of special occasions. Now you have to choose which one is your favorite and where will you wear it! 

Fashion Looks - Atumn Winter Collection 2016-17

Furry Coat trend- Electric blue evening dress

Furry dress. New Collection 2017

Slip dress trend. Fall Winter Collection 2016/17

White Furry coat.

70's style evening dress. New Collection 2016/17

Fashion trends 2017. Evening wear collection

Wedding guest dress. Floral dress. New Collection FW 2016/17

Black velvet dress with embroidery. New Evening wear collection 2016/2017

Floral evening dress. New Collection FW2016/2017

Prêt à Couture look- New Collection 2016/17

Evening dresses pastel tones. Evening wear new collection FW2016/2017