7 of October, 2016

Yolan Cris at New York International Bridal Week. STUDIO Collection 2017

Yolan Cris at New York International Bridal Week. STUDIO Collection 2017

Yesterday was the Yolan Cris presentation of STUDIO Collection. Our proposals for the upcoming brides. The event took place at the prestigious Prince George Ballroom Hotel coinciding with New York International Bridal Week 2016.

STUDIO Collection is a bridal line with abundant nuances. The dresses are carried with romanticism and fragility that portray the Victorian age, winnovative silhouettes never seen in bridal. 

Masters such as Alma-Tadema, Van Dyck, Rubens, El Greco, Murillo, Goya or Delacroix portrayed a numerous amount of women in all their different facets and styles: heroins, dreamers, warriors, romantic, luxurious; these women were posing innocently or looking abstracted within sublime sceneries.  The fascination of these artists made them pay an homage to the feminine universe in all its essence. 

As the notorious artists, Yolan Cris wants to pay a tribute to women through the designs of every collection. 

With the Studio Collection, Yolan Cris has gone a step further in bridal Haute Couture, using only the most exclusive fabrics with the most delicate techniques and mastery similar to the ones used by the traditional European fashion. 

From our atelier in Barcelona to the rest of the World! 

Inspired by the singularities of the Victorian Style, our Creative Direction has created a bridal line where the richness of fabrics is embraced: lace, organza and embroidered tulles with the finest beading, creating floral patterns. 

The new bride, dares with colour: printed wedding dresses, old- pink mixed with gold, champagne appliques... 

A unique collection for the fashion- forward bride! 

New York Bridal Week 2016 Yolan Cris

New York International Bridal Week 2016 Yolan Cris

Printed Wedding dress

Photo Anton Oparin

Photo Anton Oparin