YolanCris presents the boho collection at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

19 of April, 2017
From April 25th to 28th, 25 prestigious firms will present the coming bridal trends at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. The most dreamy designs for the next collection are going to be showed during the fashion shows. YolanCris will not miss such an special occasion, which will take place in Fira Barcelona Gran Via, on Wednesday 26 at 4pm.

After the Haute Couture's catwalk at the emblematic Palau de la Llotja de Mar on Tuesday, this time sisters Yolanda and Cristina will reveal their boho collection.

The new chic dresses for 2018 are ideal for weddings at the beach. There are bohemian creations inspired by Ibiza, made with the most delicate textures: laces and chiffon in motion, ellegant pleated tulle and lingerie details will decorate the dresses. As usual, showcasing the best materials in order to get an exclusive and singular end result.

From our atelier in Barcelona to the rest of the world!

The collection for 2018 has reminiscences of folk universe and Tzigane style of the 70s. In YolanCris fashion show, there will be bridal dresses designed as a second skin, with light and cozy dresses, and also relaxed and sensual silhouettes.

You cannot miss the creation of our own materials. In this occasion, we purpose handmade textures with applications and different fabrics, reproducing a patchwork effect. The result is a unique dress with an infinity of details.

If you do not want to miss this occasion, join us through the social media of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and follow the event in streaming!

YolanCris at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

YolanCris at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

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