3 of May, 2017

YolanCris will end the Donostia Moda Festival's runway

YolanCris will end the Donostia Moda Festival's runway

YolanCris, in collaboration with Atelier Nupcial, will end the runway of next Saturday May 6th morning, at San Telmo's Museum (Gipuzkoa). There we are going to show a selection of 12 looks of our 2018 collection.

The Donostia Moda Festival has scheduled a very special purpose for this weekend at the majestic San Telmo's church. In the morning, from 12pm, a total amount of 11 Basque brands will showcase their designs, as well as we will know the winner of the 5th Blogger Competition. The event will count on the presence of Cristina Pérez, co-found of YolanCris.

The monumental church, which is a wonderful Dominican residence of the 16th century, will be a perfect display for the attendees, not only for a numerous public that is looking for new inspiring sources, but also for the influencers that are going to join us. People from Alava, Bizkaia, Navarra and Madrid, which opinion is so relevant in the world of blogs, social media and mass media.


Saturday May 6th, from 1:30 to 2pm