Destination wedding Brasil. Bárbara & Henrique tie the knot in Ouro Preto

27 of June, 2017
Colourful village houses, smell of fresh cut flowers and magic in all its splendour. A perfect wedding in which YolanCris essence did not miss.

Bárbara & Henrique tied the knot this month in the Brasilian town of Ouro Preto. It was a ceremony where the preciosity was absolutely on the details, from an inspiring wedding decoration to delicate invitations.

Our YolanCris bride radiated romanticism with Laietana gown. A boho chic wedding dress of mermaid shape and made of fine lace and guipurs, drawing a floral pattern that matches the infinity of palm trees surrounding them.

An intimate and familiar event. Bárbara & Henrique were joined by their loved ones, even those who they were not physically there but in their hearts.

Thanks Bárbara for sharing with us such a special memory, it is a pleasure to dress brides as wonderful as you are. Cheers for the newly-weds and also for the fantastic photos of Aloha Wedding!
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