8 of September, 2017

YolanCris new Bridal Collection is out now! Two different lines for two different type of brides. Let's see.

Couture Collection 2018- 

YolanCris’ newest Haute Couture collection, in which reigns the Neo-Victorian style. We could see from delicate floral patterns to tulles with golden embroideries, gems and sexy lingerie silhouettes. Turtlenecks and decorated long sleeves reveal a more romantic side of a style characterized by female vanity and paying close attention to exuberant materials. Gown with infinite A-line skirts, long Chantilly sleeve and puffy shoulders that end in bell cuffs. 

Boho Chic Collection 2018-

Our pure essence. Yolancris’ 2018 bridal collection borrows from the late 60´s folk universe, provoking a sense of nostalgia from the legendary Woodstock's concert. The wedding gowns are designed as a second skin, where one will find:


Long and light gowns: For the Yolancris bride, comfort is a must. The fabrics are light, and delicate incorporating tulles, chiffon and lace.

Creation of Unique fabrics: To make an even more exclusive gown, in this collection our fabrics are created in an artisan manner. With unique application and cuts, creating a patchwork-like effect.

Silhouettes: loose yet flattering shapes without compromising sensuality. Layering of different fabrics with an lingerie essence. 

Now it's your turn. Which collection fits you?