6 of October, 2017

Weeding in Los Angeles, Cami and Joseph.

Weeding in Los Angeles, Cami and Joseph.

Cami and Joseph were married on May 20th of 2017 in the Los Angeles Temple and it was the absolute best day of their life. She is from Southern California and he is from a small country town in Nevada, they are from two different worlds, she is a total city girl and he is such a country boy but finally love united them for life.

Our YolanCris bride wore a very special dress for her wedding radiated elegance and romanticism with a very beautiful boho chic wedding dress. Camila said that at her wedding other brides complimenting her dress, because no one could stop talking about it!

The photographer Nicole Aston definitely made Cami modeling dreams come true. They went to dead horse point in Moab Utah and Nicole took the most stunning pictures. The location was magical and just made her YolanCris dress look incredible in the nature.

Cami and Joseph met in spring of 2015 at wrestling match of all places. Joseph was a professional wrestler so he traveled all over the world and once he come to the city near to Cami, it was in that moment when they changed contact eyes and that was the begging of all this love story.

Unfortunately, at that time they could not be together because of the distance, but one year later life wanted to united them again and they found out both of them moved to the same city so it was the right time to try a relationship. ¬°We can say they were definitely meant to be, and now they are happily married living in Utah!

Thanks Cami for sharing with us such a special memory and thanks also to Nicole Aston for the incredible photographs.