26 of April, 2018

YOLANCRIS gave us a majestic show in iconic Barcelona street

YOLANCRIS gave us a majestic show in iconic Barcelona street

This show was under the artistic direction of the theatre company La Fura dels Baus, who recreated the symbolism of couture in big; giant scissors, needle cushions and even a thimble that served as atrezzo in this magnificent catwalk, where the last proposals from Yolanda Perez - Creative Director - and her team were shown.

Around 9pm - the Montjuïc Magic Fountains were lit and served as background - accompanied by a music that reminded everyone of the sounds of the old weaving looms, started the show with the dancing contribution of La Veronal. They used some dresses from the brand as well. After them, the first models showed #IDENTITY, a collection inspired by the great female icons of all time, from Grace Jones to Marchesa Casatti, which feels right on time with the current wave of female empowerment.

This collection is exploring with dresses rich in application and beadings and also appealing to millenial brides by showing sweatshirts and pants.

As the grand finale, a majestic bride wore a long veil with strong reminiscences of Gustav Klimt and and the iconic "Y tu mirá" from Lole and Manuel song was playing.

#IDENTITY gathers all the styles: classic, romantic and Avant-garde because the designer wants to dress all the spectrum of women by understanding their essence and embracing their singularities. 

Many celebrities did not want to miss this event. Spanish actresses such as Hiba Abouk, Patricia Montero, or influencers like Miranda Makaroff or Alessandra Grillo were the main guests of the first row.

On the opposite side of the catwalk, the brand built a temporary village area dedicated to the future of traditional couture under the name of "Hands and arts".

In this joyful area, foodtrucks, music and Barcelona's craft beer Moritz accompanied an exhibition of the works from different design and patternmaking students from different local and international schools.

Photos: Sara Donaldson for Wedding Sparrow.