21 of March, 2019

'B' by Yolancris private presentation

'B' by Yolancris private presentation

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th Yolancris presented the new boho wedding line at its showroom-boutique in Barcelona. 

After 15 years designing collections for rebel and unique brides and exploring her personal universe inspired by Art Nouveau, the Pre-Raphaelite painters or 70s rock'n roll, Yolanda Pérez, creative director and designer of the brand, goes back to its origins and to its boho designs.

Yolancris revisits then the boho universe creating a collection of 48 designs where plumetti, guipure, crochet, cotton and linen fabrics pair with the romantic style of tunic silhouettes, flowing materials, asymmetries, transparencies, fringes and embroideries.

The presentation to future birdes of 'B' by Yolancris will be on Saturday 23rd at the showroom-boutique in Barcelona. Book your appointment.