Identity, YOLANCRIS' new campaign

14 of March, 2018

IDENTITY [fem.] The circumstances of being a specific person or thing and not another. It is determined by a series of features or characteristics that differ from others. The fashion industry uses its own tools to turn anyth...

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Date in Versailles by LSC magazine.

29 of November, 2013

Brazil wedding dress in a mermaid silhouette and inlaid rhinestones pattern, with fine lines running longitudinally along the dress, that stylizes the figure. Long-sleeves is one of the bridal trends for this upcoming year 2014. ...

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Innocence dressed by YolanCris in the 20th Anniversary of Shangay Magazine

22 of November, 2013

Shangay magazine has published a special edition on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. To celebrate it, they've released a special issue full of artists as recognised as Alaska, Mario Vaquero, Chenoa, Marta Sánchez, Miguel Bosé, Soraya Arne...

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Singer Innocence in a lace dress by YolanCris

31 of October, 2013

Singer Innocence in a YolanCris Haute Couture gown amazing at the opening of the Sala Broker organized by Grazia magazine Spain in Madrid. With a fabulous styling by the great Abraham Gutierrez, singer Innocence dazzled with a look ladylike so ...

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Beauty is on the inside. YolanCris in LSC magazine.

25 of March, 2013

Zimbabwe wedding dress by YolanCris looks stunning in the new issue of LSC magazine. This time the name that gives title to the bridal editorial, beauty is on the inside, comes alive because the new editorial ...

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